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Cassville R-IV School District



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Thankful Thursday: What are you thankful for today?

With so much negativity in the world, Cassville R-IV students take time to say ‘thanks’

Mrs. Boone pictured with Garrett York

Many of our teachers at Cassville R-IV have had enough. Had enough of constantly being bogged down with the negativity that surrounds us in our day-to-day life. Had enough of our students growing up in a world that often focuses on the negative events rather than all we have to be thankful for.

After becoming inspired by a teacher in the Springfield area, Cassville High School teacher Mandy Boone decided to implement a new initiative that asks students to shift their thought process and focus on what they are thankful for.

“Thankful Thursday” originated in the high school at the beginning of the year and has quickly spread throughout the Communications Department within the entire district.

Boone teaches tenth grade English and ninth grade Advanced Placement English.

On Thursdays, Communication Arts teachers use the first five minutes of class time for “Thankful Thursdays.” After watching a short inspirational video, students complete a small writing assignment. They have three options: 1.) they can write a private journal entry about what they are thankful for 2.) They can write a public thank you on the white board 3.) They can write a personal thank-you that will be delivered to a chosen recipient via mail or hand-delivered by their teacher. The third option has been the most popular amongst students.

“We are proud of our teachers for taking the time to teach our students how important it is to be thankful,” stated Dr. Richard Asbill, Cassville R-IV School Superintendent. “There is no doubt it is easy to become focused on the bad things happening to us or around us. Teaching our students to find the positive is hopefully a life skill that will follow them beyond the halls of Cassville R-IV.”

“I was very nervous to start “Thankful Thursdays,” stated Boone. “I thought the students may think it is silly, but to my surprise, they have embraced it! It has been a great project to work on with our students and co-workers throughout the district.”

Students have said they are thankful for everything from as serious as life saving medications, to their family, friends and teachers to insignificant things such as their gaming systems.

Teachers have also incorporated their “Thankful Thursday” lessons into class work requirements such as letter and email etiquette and journal writing practice.

“It just takes about five minutes of class time, but if it can make somebody’s day a little brighter, we think it is worth it,” stated Boone.