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Cassville R-IV School District

High School


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Participation in extracurricular activities means more than trying to win a contest.  Activities give the student tremendous opportunities to develop as a "complete" human being.  By the time a student graduates from CHS we want him/her to be able: 

1. To work cooperatively with others.
2. To learn from constructive criticism.
3. To have self-confidence in stressful situations.
4. To discipline himself/herself.
5. To feel proud of the great Cassville tradition.
6. To lead others.
7. To teach certain skills to younger participants
8. To respect teamwork, organization, and unity.
9. To appreciate the help that parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators have given them.
10. To represent Cassville High School in a positive way.
11. To evaluate his/her abilities realistically.
12. To have a positive learning attitude toward all tasks.
13. To value hard work and what hard work accomplishes.
14. To seek help from others when a problem arises.
15. To develop lasting relationships with others.
16. To praise others who do a good job even though they may be opponents.
17. To feel good about himself/herself as a person.
18. To be dependable when given a job to do.



CHS National Honor Society